Cycle Water: A Year Of Leading The Canned Water Revolution

2019 has been an amazing and eventful year for all of us here at Cycle Water. Our simple mission to offer solutions to Canadians’ hydration needs that are as convenient as they are environmentally conscious has quickly grown to a scale we could have hardly imagined just a year ago!

2019 has been an amazing and eventful year for all of us here at Cycle Water. Our simple mission to offer solutions to Canadians’ hydration needs that are as convenient as they are environmentally conscious has quickly grown to a scale we could have hardly imagined just a year ago!

Now, with a new decade around the corner, we want to take a moment to reflect on how we got here, where we’re going, and why we’re still as driven, to spread the message of sustainability, as ever.

Though a world in which everyone carries around their own reusable water bottle each day is our ultimate dream, we know we’re not quite there yet. At least that’s what the approximately 480 BILLION plastic drinking bottles sold in 2016 [1] seem to suggest…

And we get it: sometimes things get hectic and life gets in the way. That’s why we believe the first step towards weaning ourselves off of single-use plastics for good is providing much better alternatives (for the environment) without sacrificing convenience (for thirsty people). Every small step is still a step in the right direction, and we each of us can contribute towards a zero-waste future in our own way.

That said, here’s a quick round-up of what we’ve done in 2019 to make that first step on the path to zero-waste a little easier for Canadians.

We Brought Alkaline-rich, Natural Canadian Spring Water To Your Fingertips

Every can of Cycle Water starts with some of the best quality water in the world: all-natural Canadian spring water, sustainably extracted in small batches. You might think it sounds crazy, but you can taste the quality of spring water we offer. And that’s not all… it gets even crazier.

Though the scenery surrounding our amazing springs is definitely stunning, the real magic happens out of sight, beneath the Earth’s surface. Before the water naturally breaches the ground at our source in the form of a stream (which, by the way, was sculpted by deglaciation roughly 12,000 years ago), it makes its way along, underground.

This cycle of natural filtration through subsurface sediment allows our source water to be rich in alkaline and is largely why our canned water tastes so darn good.

We Introduced Our Infinitely Recyclable, Resealable Aluminum Can

Such amazing water needs an equally amazing vessel. We think our revolutionary resealable can is just the thing for the job. Sure, canned water may sound strange at first, but the case for cans is loud and clear.

There’s nothing wrong with having big goals and ideas; we’re dreamers too, after all! But every big goal needs some smaller steps along the way to be realistic. For us, a more environmentally conscious alternative to the convenience of bottled water is one good step towards an ideal future, one with less waste and more clean air and delicious water for all to enjoy.

We Kept Hydration Proudly Canadian From Spring Source To Satisfying Sip

Not long ago, we asked ourselves why Canadians buy water from half a world away when we have some of the best spring water on the planet right in our backyard. It sounds crazy because it is, and that’s why we set out to change things.

But that’s not all. If you couldn’t tell, we’re made in Canada through and through, and real proud of it. We’re also grateful for everything Canada’s done for us. From growing our business in a country that genuinely thinks about its impact on the planet and makes steps to reduce its footprint to being inspired by the sheer quantity of you who also want to help drive change — it’s been a real pleasure.

Canada has a whole lot of nature (and that’s an understatement), so it’s not too much of a surprise that environmental stewardship runs through our country’s veins. We hope the work we’re doing to make convenient water on-the-go more considerate of the environment will help keep that great Canadian legacy strong.

We’re also beyond grateful to all of the amazing Canadians that have bought and enjoyed Cycle Water in through these early stages of our journey or helped spread the word about us by sharing our posts and stories on social media. Though there have been challenges, your continued support for our business and our vision has made it possible for us to keep working hard and growing. We promise to only get better!

And, of course, we wouldn’t be able to reach nearly as many of your without the support of our new friends in retail, who also deserve a shout out for making Cycle Water accessible at over 100 locations (just in our first year)! Much love and many thanks to all our retail and Commercial Partners! We are very excited to continue these relationships, and welcome the many new opportunities that are are planned for the canned water movement in 2020!

Let’s Keep Being In Motion In 2020 Together!

Water is always moving, always on its way to the next part of the cycle. This idea of cycles and the motion that enables them inspires us deeply, as our name and love of recycling probably give away. That’s also why we chose “Be in Motion” as our slogan! We believe that movement, adventure, action, and a visionary spirit can all help lead us where we need to go.

Like water in its many states, each person’s motion will be different, as will their dreams and goals — and that’s a good thing. Whether your motion is an extra thirty minutes at the gym, another kilometer up a mountain trail, or a last minute meeting to land you that new client, we want to be there to remind you to keep moving forward.

As we transition into a new year and a new decade, we’re as excited as ever to continue spreading the message of sustainability and impact consciousness far and wide. We’re also excited to keep playing an active part, positively impacting the way Canadians consume bottled water each and every day of 2020.

To conclude, so much has happened in 2019 that has brought more awareness and inspired real action to address the global waste crisis our planet is experiencing. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2020; that’s because each new year, like each new day, is another opportunity for a little victory, for a small step in the right direction which is guaranteed to add up to something bigger overtime. And that’s as true for each of us individually as it is for the big goals and challenges, like those facing our environment, that bring us all together.

So Happy New Year to you all!





Cycle Water

January 1, 2020