HOLR Chats With Cycle Water

HOLR sits down with Cycle Water and talk water.

Cycle Water Sparkling Water

Cycle Water is on a mission to change how you consume “bottled” water forever through the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle and a connection to the natural Canadian landscape. Founders and long-time friends, Matthew Marrone and Ryan Kucan, created Cycle Water in 2018 with the drive to create a more sustainable way to tote premium natural spring water on the go. The team discovered aluminum is far superior to plastic and carton in regards to its recyclability, and with that they launched Cycle Water- a brand dedicated to focusing on the impact of consumer product life cycles, giving consumers a better option, without having to sacrifice convenience.

This Earth Month, Cycle Water is excited to add a little bit of sparkle to their line of alkaline-rich, locally sourced water in their signature, resealable aluminum can. Enter the launch of Cycle Water Sparkling. Cycle Water Sparkling is collected from a natural spring source on the edge of the Canadian Shield, never exceeding the spring’s natural refill rate. The latest product will be rolling out in Loblaws stores across the country, as well as in a curated selection of some of Toronto’s trendiest restaurants.

HOLR sat down with Matthew Marrone, one of the founders, to discuss the importance of reducing your carbon footprint and how the brand is fulfilling its commitment to sustainability.

How important is it for us, as consumers, to reduce our carbon footprint?

Sustainable living has become much easier over the years. There are many ways to reduce your footprint; some are simple daily decisions, while others are entire lifestyle shifts. The way we see it, it’s a journey; for some, going zero waste is a one-time decision, and they go all in. For others, it takes many steps, and it’s often lifestyle-dependent; your career, hobbies, dietary choices, and 1000 other variables all play a role. For better or worse, I am in the camp where it takes more steps, I often fall short, and I learn from those who are further along in that journey than I am; it’s always about learning and striving to improve. At the end of the day, the goal is to focus on 1% improvements daily – that affect compounds.

Here are a few key points for how to reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Funny enough, a big one for me is DIY laundry detergent/soap. It was recommended to me by my mom. For me, it works better. After some trial and error, I got the hang of it. Now I customize its scent and some other little things I want my detergent to focus on. It might sound weird, but it’s bespoke, works great, and best of all offers an easily accessible way to lower one’s environmental footprint and save some money.
  • I also really enjoy seasonal and local produce shopping. In one way or another, my Nonno introduced me to this as a kid. He and my Nonna had a farm in the Kawartha region and I would spend much of the summers growing up, up there. I would join them fishing, going to our neighbours to collect fresh eggs, and my Nonna even had a massive garden. She is 83 now, yet still finds a way to manage it; she’s got a green thumb, and it’s a true commitment. But, living in the city, it’s not as easy, though there are some great services built by other entrepreneurs who have really found a way to bring local/seasonal goodies into the city. I enjoy that!
  • Another super easy one is bringing your reusable bag to the store. That’s a no-brainer. COVID has made several tasks to minimize plastic waste and reduce your footprint harder, but this one is still accessible and worthwhile.

What is Cycle Water doing to support shoreline cleanups with Plastic Oceans Canada?

Cycle Water has partnered with Plastic Oceans Canada to support shoreline cleanup across the country, to help educate youth about the urgency of saving our oceans and to educate about the efficacy of small changes in our daily lives. Since the launch of our partnership on World Oceans Day in June 2020, 10¢ from the sale of every can of Cycle Water has gone and continues to go to Plastic Oceans Canada. We’re proud to announce that, thanks to Cycle Water customers, so far we’ve supported Canadian ocean shoreline cleanups equivalent to over 5x the height of Mount Everest! It’s not one and done, it seems like this number continues to compound with each passing day, as more orders come in! Please visit Plastic Oceans Canada’s website here for more information and ways to get involved.

If you’re looking to shop the latest products from the brand, Cycle Water Sparkling is available now at cyclewater.com, with a full retailer list available at cyclewater.com/store-locator.

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