Product Life Cycle of a Resealable Water Can

Tracing Each Can’s Journey from Spring Source to Store Shelf

The product life cycle of each resealable water can of Cycle Water is as amazing and sustainable as the natural cycles that inspired its creation.

The delicious water that starts its adventure in a naturally emerging stream nestled in a pine forest valley on the edge of the Laurentian Plateau soon finds its way to your local store shelves, ready to quench your thirst when you’re in motion. Here’s how.

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We are committed to balance in all things, from the impact-conscious lifestyles we choose to the way we manufacture each can of Cycle Water. Part of this commitment is working with third-parties to continuously better our environmental footprint and keep ourselves accountable.

Seen on Store Shelves

Our delicious, alkaline-rich, pH balanced spring water is then packaged in our aluminum, resealable water cans and makes its way to your store shelves.

Our mantra of "Lift. Slide. Reseal. Recycle." is how we remind ourselves that the search for perfection should never come at the cost of small and sustainable changes we can make each day to move us forward in the right direction.

Cycle Water is full of adventurous spirit. We recognize that everyone's motion, everyone's journey, and everyone's adventure, is unique, but that doesn't mean we can't come together and support each other along the way. So let's Be in Motion Together!

Soon, a New Start

When your can of Cycle Water has served its purpose and fueled your motion, you toss it into the recycling. In as little 60 days, the product life cycle of each resealable water can has already finished its journey through the recycling process. Now it is about to begin a brand new cycle as a brand new can of Cycle Water. The adventure continues!

Sustainable Systems

Our commitment to sustainability starts with our spring source. We aim to only withdraw what is needed, never exceeding our spring's natural refill rate to ensure the spring and its surrounding ecosystem remains vibrant for many lifetimes to come.

Our Spring Source

We pull our water from a natural spring that rests on the edge of the Laurentian Plateau in the Lanark Highlands. Nestled in a pine forest valley on a 750-acre private estate, our source water naturally breaches ground in the form of a chilled stream that was sculpted by deglaciation roughly 12,000 years ago.