We are celebrating 3 Years with Mind Your Plastic, formerly Plastic Oceans Canada! For every can sold, a portion will go towards their various initiatives!

Resealable Canned Water

It's time to can "bottled" water.

Inspired by a thirst for adventure, the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle, and a connection to the natural Canadian landscape, Cycle Water is changing how you consume “bottled” water forever with our resealable canned water.

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Inspired By A Thirst

Each can of Cycle Water, both our Still and Carbonated, are filled with alkaline-rich, pH-balanced (7.7) natural spring water sourced from our spring located on edge of the Canadian Shield!

For us, a product's life cycle is key. That’s why we’re offering you a choice that tastes great and offers a more recyclable footprint. We were the first company in North America to introduce resealable canned water- so you get the convenience of plastic bottled water, but with less plastic! Combined with our giving back initiative, both to the planet and our community, you can hydrate on the go with less impact on the planet and you're consciousness.

Let's be honest, as amazing as our spring water is, the tap is the best option for the planet. We know that. No greenwashing here. But we also know that it’s hard for some to truly live a healthy, zero-waste lifestyle, especially for those always on the go. So, for those just starting their journey to a zero-waste lifestyle, we want to be there as your best alternative option!

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Cycle Water is proud to support Mind Your Plastic, formerly Plastic Oceans Canada for over three years now. Our contributions have made a differencing in shoreline cleanups, and youth sustainability education iniatives across Canada!

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Lift. Slide. Reseal. Recycle.
Lift. Slide.
Reseal. Recycle.

Each Cycle Water can has the same convenient resealability that leads busy people everywhere turning to single-use plastic bottles. Unlike plastic bottles, however, the aluminum used for our resealable canned water is infinitely recyclable!

When an aluminum can enters a recycling facility, the resealable lid is separated from the aluminum body for routine recycling, meaning that the lid doesn’t affect the recyclability of the can or require you to separate it yourself. And that separated lid can even be used as energy in a waste generator.

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Be in Motion

Our slogan is a call to action, a daily reminder to be in motion. Like the ebbs and flows of Cycle Water's natural spring source, we believe that if we avoid stagnation and keep moving forward, even if by just one step, we're limitless.

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