Journey Towards a Balanced Lifestyle

What started out as a small team’s journey to make a difference has become so much more.

The community's reaction to our impact-conscious pursuit has been amazing. Now, together, we inspire each other to keep making small, sustainable changes to our lives without giving up our unique motion.

And, above all, you inspire us to keep striving towards being the best business we can be.

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A Little About Us

The Story of a Small Can with Big Dreams

Inspired by a thirst for adventure, the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle, and a connection to the natural Canadian landscape, we set out to create an impact-conscious alternative to the many damaging consequences of single-use plastic water bottles.

Now, after a few years of working to bring Cycle Water to Canadians, we could not be more pleased with the progress we've made. So many awesome people have joined us on this journey towards living sustainable lifestyles each and every day, knowing that small changes from each of us truly can lead to big results for our planet.

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We Harness Cycles to Help Preserve Our Planet

Nature's self-sustaining cycles, like the one that brings delicious water to our spring source—a chilled stream that was sculpted by deglaciation roughly 12,000 years ago—have always inspired us in what we do.

That's why we believe, much like our community, that the life cycle of products is critical. Every part of the process matters, from inception and manufacturing to reuse and recycling.

By choosing a resealable aluminum can instead of a disposable plastic water bottle when the tap isn’t an option, we take a small step towards minimizing our impact.

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We Help Keep Each Other in Motion

Though each of us is on our own unique journey through life, we do our best to remind each other that we are truly connected, even by something as basic as our need for water.

Each can of Cycle Water is an homage to the spirit of adventure we share as a community, and a call to each of us to continue to Be in Motion in all parts of our lives, no matter what our unique motion may be.

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We Share a Thirst for Creative Solutions

Life has its ups and downs, and we all face difficulties, both personal and collective. But we know that the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle and a commitment to making small changes, taking small steps forward each day, will bring us to our destination.

We aspire to find creative solutions that unite us. We know that anything is possible if we can think outside the box, no matter the challenge before us.